While we think of Constant Contact competitors we found two Costant Contact alternatives which are as good as Constant Contact in the email marketing services arena. Those are one of the leading brands among the email marketing services in helping small as well as large business houses by creating proffessional newsletters.

GetResponse No.1 among Constant Contact Competitors

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Getresponse is a leading email marketing company founded in 1999, 1 year after Constant Contact founded. They have all the great features what email marketing services should have. Price is also a determining factor when we choose email marketing companies. Getresponse charges $15 to send emails up to 1,000 customers while Constant Contact charges same $15 to send email up to 500 customers. Constant Contact offer 15% discount whereas Getresponse offer 18% discount when paid annually. Apart from this GetResponse is at par with Constant Contact other related features. Hence we think Getresponse is the No.1 among Constant Contact Competitors.

Vertical Response No.2 among Constant Contact Competitors

constant contact competitors

Vertical Response came in to picture in the year 2001 still they have proved them self one of the leader in email marketing industry. Vertical Response pay as you go feature & they charge per email as low as 1 cent/email one sent to subscribers. They have all the good features like free image hosting, customizable opt-in forms & social sharing with Twitter & Facebook etc. Vertcal Response is equally good & is No.2 among Constant Contact competitors.